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Hitman Pro Beta

Hitman Pro Beta

Сканер для выявления различных вредоносных программ. Особенность Hitman Pro в том, что он использует при проверке базы данных других приложений для обнаружения и удаления шпионских модулей (Ad-Aware SE Personal, Spy Sweeper, Spybot Search & Destroy, CWShredder, SpywareBlaste, Spyware Block List, Sysclean Package, SuperDAT VirusScan). После инсталляции обновляет базы данных всех программ, входящих в пакет. Работает быстро и качественно.

This new version is completely rewritten from scratch. Actually, it is totally different from what you might expect when you are familiar with Hitman Pro 2 because version 3 does not install any software on your computer. In fact, Hitman Pro 3 has a brand new approach to detect malware using a new sophisticated heuristic technique we have been developing over the years. Read on and sign up for testing.


We have built our own engine because some of the third party software we use in Hitman Pro 2 have been growing beyond reasonable proportions. This is because of the exponentially growing amount and increasing technical variety of malware out on the internet. And despite the remarkable efforts of our partners, it has become unpractical to combine them all on a single system. Over time we had to include a lot of code to prevent anti-malware software from making severe mistakes. Despite our efforts, under certain conditions, a combination of specific malicious and antimalware software could do systems actually more harm than good. This is because malware is increasingly aware and actually fights back to prevent detection and removal. This would also happen when a user would manually install the antimalware software to clean the system.

For Hitman Pro 3 we are taking a new direction. Hitman Pro 3 collects a lot of data to find malware by itself. Of course it is as good as any other engine to detect known threats (including rootkits). But it really excels when it comes to help you find and remove new unknown threats.

Another interesting and important feature we have been focusing on is speed. Hitman Pro 3 is fast. How fast? Really fast! Actually, on modern systems, it takes no more than a minute to tell you which files are malicious or worth investigating. Bold statements, we know, but Hitman Pro 3 is really marvelous, unique, completely different from other software against malware.


Hitman Pro 3 currently does not need to install any third party sofware. It is a stand alone program which looks for unknown and suspicious files, giving each of them a score using our patent pending technique. Unknown and suspicious files are automatically identified by our online identification servers. This means no software on your system. To put it in contrast with Hitman Pro 2: we now have the software on our servers to do the scanning for you. And Hitman Pro 3 knows exactly which files should be scanned to make this extremely efficient.

Another noticable feature is speed. Hitman Pro 2 became slower over time when the third party software became bigger and bigger beyond our control. Each third party software needed to scan the entire disk. Hitman Pro 3 just needs one pass. And to achieve extra speed Hitman Pro 3 does not scan your system alphabetically, it scans disk objects in physical order on your disk. This also significantly lowers the stress on your hardware. Furthermore, a lot of analysis tasks are performed concurrently by deploying tasks multi-threaded. And if you have a modern multi-core processor, Hitman Pro 3 efficiently uses the extra cores to increase enumeration speed even further.

Hitman Pro 3 doesn’t need to scan every file on your system. Why not? We have profiled standard systems so it knows which files are good. Also, Hitman actually focuses on finding objects that don’t behave like good software. Software that does not follow trustworthy guidelines will automatically receive a higher score than software that is uninstallable by the user, identifyable, digitally signed, unencrypted, uncompressed, visible and accessible. The engine also tries to find out where the software came from, how it got on your system and what other people say about it on the internet. That probably sounds common sense or seem impossible to some of you but we are certain you will be astonished on how well the scoring system works.

As mentioned earlier, the engine will also send suspicious files to our online scanning servers for identification so you immediately know to what malware group it belongs. These files are scanned using 10+ trusted anti-malware products, surpassing the identification ratio of Hitman Pro 2. But despite our arsenal, these anti-virus products still miss hundreds of malware samples every day. So we also run these files in our own secure environment to catch its malicious behavior. This environment is specifically built for samples sent by Hitman Pro 3. And if you are infected with an unknown threat, or do not have an internet connection, our special scoring system is there to help you battle new malicious software.

To remove malicious software we have also built a special removal engine that is capable of removing the toughest threats. A native NT application is capable of removing resilient threats before Windows starts. And of course, including corresponding references like registry keys and shortcuts. All without the need of updates and signatures.

Hitman Pro 3 is as easy to use as Hitman Pro 2. Just one button will make Hitman automatically scan, identify and remove all malware from your system. No program is easier.

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Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Язык Интерфейса: англ
Активация|рег код: не требуется
Размер файла: 4,21 Мб

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