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eZediaMX v3.1.5

eZediaMX v3.1.5

Мультимедийная программа, котороя позволяет легко объединять в единое целое, а также редактировать видео, графику, анимацию, звук, Скачать новинки музыки mp3 и текст. С её помощью можно создавать мультимедийные презентации, игры и банеры. Для работы с программой не требуется знание языков программирования.

eZediaMX is an easy-to-use multimedia authoring and editing software for both Windows and Macintosh.From beginners to experts, it has never been easier to produce professional multimedia projects with no programming required!

For beginners and experts, it's never been easier to integrate multimedia at work, at home or in the classroom. eZediaMX has many intuitive, powerful, creative, and easy-to-use features that you will discover and that will grow with you.
Quickly incorporate ALL major media file formats (.mov, .mp3, .wav, .jpg, .gif, etc.) by simply dragging and dropping into eZediaMX. Give any project a professional edge with full graphic transparency, smooth text, QuickTime Effects, true layering and real-time compositing.
Link media and create chains of events or actions that can be triggered by user interaction simply by drawing arrows. Create buttons with one click to navigate between frames, files, applications and Web sites.
Input, collect, display, store and calculate numerical or alphabetical data with eZediaMX's sophisticated logic elements. Add if/else and true/false statements all without any programming or scripting.

New features:

- eZediaMX Composite
- Key Point Editor
- Rotate and Flip Images
- Create Path Object by Using Shape Tool
- GoTo Objects Can Quit Project
- Live Timer Output

- True Cross Platform Development
- Create and Communicate
- Showcase eZediaMX Projects
- Drag and Drop
- Combine and Edit Media
- Professional Edge/QuickTime Effects
- No Programming or Scripting
- Animation
- Mask Media
- Non-Destructive Video Editing
- Movie Annotation
- Record Voice-Overs and Sound
- Draw Shapes
- Add Text
- Link Media / Chains of Events
- Navigation
- Menus and Buttons
- Calculate Data
- Add Logic Elements
- Timeline Control
- Object Wells
- Create Templates
- Thumbnails
- Reference Manual

Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
Язык Интерфейса: англ
Активация|рег код: есть
Размер файла: 7,60 Мб

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