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AutoMapa Europe v5.3.0 (PC, PDA2009)

AutoMapa Europe v5.3.0 (PC, PDA2009)

Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 5.3
Разработчик: Automapa
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Платформа: PC, PDA
Таблэтка: Присутствует

AutoMapa 5.1.1- программа для GPS навигации. Есть 3D и ночной режимы. Присутствуют языки интерфейса и звуковых сопровождений: Польский, Английский, Немецкий, Чешский, Словенский.

Intelligent route finding (Интеллектуальный поиск маршрута)
AutoMapa is very fast at finding both the fastest and the shortest routes. It takes into account no-turn, no-U-turn and one-way road signs in major cities. The shorter the distance, the faster AutoMapa finds its route. Searching for a route from Szczecin to Bieszczady takes approx 10s (PocketPC). Finding a route between any two points in the same city takes a split of a second. AutoMapa calculates the length of the mapped route and the time of reaching the destination.

Automatic re-routing (Автоматическое изменение маршрутов)
Should you divert from the route for any reason, AutoMapa automatically finds an alternative way! You will never feel lost again. Be it a road block, traffic jam, road construction - AutoMapa finds a way around!

Voice messages (Голосовые сообщения)
Do you think that looking at a map while driving is not safe? We do! That is why AutoMapa speaks! Well in advance a clear voice message tells you what next maneuver and when to make. You can even choose a speaker and a language in which messages should be spoken!

Step-free scale selection (свободный выбор масштаба)
Despite its small size PocketPC screen proves to be big enough for presenting even so content rich maps as a city plan or a map of entire country. Zoom slider enables fast map scale change giving a quick access to both finest detail and a map overview. For zoom-in and zoom-out you can also use hardware keys (up and down arrows).

Choice of color schemes for day and night use (Выбор цветовой схемы для дневного и ночного использования)
The color scheme selection is only not a matter of personal taste! Special night-driving color set reduces screen glow effect - without it a PocketPC screen is far too bright at night.
During daylight hours you can choose between several color sets and select the one that fits best your preferences and sunlight conditions.
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